Discover Your Perfect Blonde

At Boss Hair Studio, we're always buzzing with excitement, and one of the most common questions that lands on our stylist's chair is, "Which shade of blonde will suit me?" We totally get it! Blonde is a vibe, and there's a blonde out there for everyone – be it ash, platinum, strawberry, or that perfect dark blonde. We're on a mission to make sure you find the blonde that's absolutely 'you.'

Picking the right shade is not just about pointing at a colour you love. There's a bit of science, and a lot of art, involved. So, buckle up – we've got some insider tips to guide you on your journey to becoming a dazzling blonde!

1. Unveil Your Skin Tone Magic: First things first – let's talk about your skin tone. Are you warm like a summer breeze or cool like a winter morning? Quick check: peek at your veins. Blue or purple veins? You're rocking cool undertones. Green veins? Hello, warm undertones! If it's a mix, congrats, you're the proud owner of neutral undertones – basically, more choices for your blonde adventure.

Or, try this: tie your hair back, drape a white towel, and take a look. Yellowish skin? Warm tones! Slightly rosy? Cool undertones! Now that you've cracked the code, let's talk blonde!

Cool Undertones: You've got fair, light skin with a touch of peachy or pink goodness. Tanning isn't your best friend, and those eyes – they're probably light blue or green. Think natural tones, platinum blondes, ash or cool beige blondes, and a little blush blonde. Pro tip: steer clear of yellows; they're not your cool-toned BFF.

Warm Undertones: You're rocking olive, warm, or bronzed skin, and your eyes are likely brown, hazel, golden brown, or green. For you, it's chocolate blondes, golden hues, honey shades, and all those warm, cozy colours. Say no to platinum and ash, though you're just too warm for that.

Let's Talk Maintenance: Now, about that upkeep – because let's be real, all blondes need a bit of love. If you're a low-maintenance person, balayage is your jam. But if you're dreaming of full-on platinum glory, well, that's a bit more commitment. Just remember, healthy hair is happy hair, so prioritise that.

Low Maintenance Blondes:

  • Foilyage (Blonde)
  • Balayage (Blonde)
  • Blonde ombre
  • Blondes with a root shadow

Medium to High Maintenance Blondes:

  • Platinum blondes
  • Icy blondes
  • Babylights

And here's the scoop: even low-maintenance blondes need a little TLC. We recommend Davines Heart of Glass shampoo, conditioner, and a weekly deep conditioning Wella System Professional Lux Blonde Mask – they're your blonde besties for keeping that colour looking amazing between salon visits.

There you have it – your guide to finding the blonde that's as fabulous as you are. Ready to light up the room? We're here at Boss Hair Studio, ready to make your blonde dreams come true!


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