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Aluminium can be recycled forever!!!

Only 1% of the UK salons empty colour tubes are recycled.

Hair Loss In Women: Causes

Hair growth is affected by a wide range of factors, and although hair loss is an issue often associated with older men many women are also confronted with reduced volume or thinning at some point in their lives. This can affect our self-esteem and our confidence, and is sometimes a symptom of other health issues that need addressing.

It’s not easy being a Green Salon

As you may already know I worry about the salons carbon footprint. I believe that we all need to make small changes to help the environment. The changes we have made so far are

About Me

Colour and saving the environment is her thing.

She loves the fact we work with the green salon collective. The salon recycles all our hair cuttings, used foils, plastic and cardboard.

Claire £48 for cut and finish

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