Introducing Chronos: Revolutionising Styling with GHD's Latest Innovation

Step into the future of hairstyling with Chronos, ghd's newest offering named after the Greek god of time.

This state-of-the-art hair styler is designed to redefine your styling experience, with a primary focus on significantly reducing styling time – a standout feature in ghd's latest lineup. Boasting an impressive 20-second heat-up time, Chronos effortlessly reaches the optimal temperature of 365 degrees, thanks to its cutting-edge technology.

Incorporating advanced HD motion technology, the Chronos styler goes beyond traditional styling tools. While "HD" may typically evoke images of high definition in TVs and cameras, ghd seamlessly integrates this concept into your hair care routine. The responsive technology of the Chronos straightener adapts to every motion during styling, ensuring a consistent temperature across your hair shaft. Meredith Kirkland, ghd's esteemed hair stylist and education lead, sheds light on the science behind it: "When using a heat styling tool, a phenomenon called thermal lag occurs. Your hair absorbs the temperature from the plates, causing a drop in temperature as you glide down your hair." With Chronos, it excels in adapting to this temperature drop faster than ever, allowing you to achieve three times faster styling, as Kirkland explains.

The Chronos styler proudly joins the ranks of GHD's innovative line of stylers, standing as the brand's most advanced tool to date. Building upon the success of the best-selling Platinum+ Styler launched five years ago, Chronos is equipped with a rounded edge and the brand’s ultra-gloss plates. This dynamic combination ensures a seamless glide down your strands, delivering an impressive 85 percent more shine and offering three times more breakage protection. Say hello to a new era of hairstyling with Chronos – where speed, precision, and protection converge for the ultimate styling experience.


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